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ELEC2133, ELEC2141

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This page is for the course ELEC3106 - Electronics. The course is a 3rd year core module offered in session 1, and covers mainly practical issues in electronic circuits.

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Non-ideal effects in electronic circuits and systems: Noise; device noise, external noise, CMRR, PSRR, mixed A/D. Distortion; non-linearity, dynamic range, saturation. Stability and performance sensitivity to parameter variations. Some simple design for stability and performance. Design optimisation. Power-supply distribution and decoupling. Mixed analogue/digital system design, including grounding and shielding. Device modelling in SPICE. Data sheet interpretation. Design of analogue and digital circuits and system components: Non-linear circuits; oscillators, PLLs, multipliers, AGCs, schmitt triggers. Introduction to filter design; active filters; op-amp. Sensors and actuators, PTAT; instrumentation amplifiers and signal conditioning. Low-level design and optimisation of digital CMOS gates. Gate delay, power dissipation, noise margins, fan-out. Introduction to integrated circuit design. Thermal consideration, power supplies, reliability, μC watchdogs.
-- UNSW Handbook 2009

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Students undertaking this course will have completed ELEC2133 and ELEC2141.

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