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Flow diagram

Schematic for Slobber Slider


We intend to use the PICKit 2 programmer from the workshop, with the PIC16F690 from Microchip. We will program it using MPLAB, probably in C. Datasheet


Explanation about what "weak pull up" means in datasheet

ICSP - In Circuit Serial Programmer

MCLR - Master Clear - Spikes in the power supply can freeze up a PIC or cause erratic behavior. Most PICs have an MCLR function that causes a full reset when this happens. To use this function, put a 10K resistor (R1) between the power supply and the MCLR pin.

Programming Voltage - First, the programming voltage is raised (VPP) to put the PIC in programming mode. Next, the data line is changed to reflect the value 0 or 1. A clock pulse is applied to copy the data pin value into the PIC. When all the data has been copied, the VPP is removed.

Useful websites for PIC beginnersEdit

This seems to be the best site...

Good Beginners Site

Websites for Beginners

PIC Example

Guide to programming a PIC


To open and close the door we are using a motor SUPRISE!!!!!

Useful Motor WebsitesEdit

Sliding Door Mechanism Idea

wikipedia's take on sliding doors


This page has the most realistic selection of motors Maxon Motors (AU) (in will's opinion)

Comparsion of servo and stepper motors

weight of a sliding door: approx 60kgs to 150kgs based on a quick google search

Dick Smith's motors

Electric Motors Basic

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