General Edit

  • We will decide on a project as a group in the meeting
  • Everyone will be put on a mailing list via their registration to the club. All correspondence will be done through the mailing list and through the elsoc wiki, to be launched today. Access is available at
  • Hadis and Vidaya have offered to assist the club in their endeavors.
  • Aim is to split the project into small tasks, to be completed in small groups (mixture of years in groups/one year makes one group)
  • Times for meetings will be decided for next semester based on availability, may have different lab times for different groups.
  • There is the possibility for the group to branch out from just audio electronics to areas like radio transmission, wireless technology, or anything that interests the individuals.
  • Designs to be done initially on breadboards, when they are complete there is the potential for PCB manufacturing through the school.
  • Attend the ELSOC annual general meeting to vote to make the club official.
  • When designing keep in mind any strange parts may need to be ordered a week in advance (talk to Pete or the workshop to do this).

Project Ideas Edit

  • Audio amplifier, to be the first project (more details below)
  • Effects pedal
  • Wireless guitar leads
  • Equalizer (15 channel)
  • Sound level checker
  • Auto tune
  • Sound desk
  • Any other ideas feel free to bring them up anytime via the mailing list, wiki or at the meeting

Audio Amplifier Edit

  • Solid state (transistor based as opposed to tubes)
  • Multistage : pre amp (Voltage) => power amp (current)
  • Probably use Darlington pairs (preferably using MOSFETS) for the power amp.
  • Specs:
  • 6.5mm Jack to plug in guitar or other instrument
  • 8Ω speaker, probably a 15W output
  • Need to consider shielding, as both stages will be susceptible to noise
  • Use a potentiometer to control gain and volume
  • May need power components to deal with high current.
  • Guitar output assume 100mVp-p, we will bring a guitar in next Monday to examine frequency range

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