Optical Circuits and Fibres
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This page is for the course PHTN4661 - Optical Circuits and Fibres. The course is a 4th year elective offered in session 1, and introduces optical fibres, waveguides and photonic devices.

Overview Edit

Types and applications of optical fibers; ray analysis of multimode fibres; characteristics of single-mode fibres including experiments; losses and dispersion in fibres; fibre fabrication; cabling and handling fibres. Waveguiding in integrated optics & fibres; fabrication processes, optical substrates; modelling methods, manufacturing constraints on design; Photonic devices: Operating principles & applications of waveguuide-based devices, selected from the following list: tapers, couplers, polarisers, Bragg gratings, filters, interferometers, fibre lasers & amplifiers; Operation & application of LEDs, lasers, & detectors.
-- UNSW Handbook 2009

Prerequisites Edit

Students undertaking this course will have completed ELEC3115.

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