'RFC' stands for 'Request For Comment', and is a document released by the Internet Engineering task force documenting an internet technology. Originally draft standards for which comments were actually requested, nowdays they actually define complete standards.

Important RFCs Edit

You really don't want to read these things if you can help it. Long and boring. They are good for reference though.

  • UDP (only 3 pages, yay)
  • TCP but there are a heap more that apply

Joke RFCs Edit

There is a tradition of releasing joke internet standards on April 1st, which seem serious until you actually start reading them. Some good ones:

complete list at Wikipedia

Creating an RFC search keyword in Firefox's Awesome Bar Edit

Go to this page, right click in the search box and select 'Add a Keyword for this Search...'. In the 'New Bookmark' dialogue, name it 'RFC document search', and add 'rfc' as the keyword. Then go to the 'Bookmarks' menu and select 'Organize Bookmarks'. Find the new bookmark and change the location to "". (If you want, you can put it in a folder like any other bookmark). Then, type 'rfc xxxx' in your url bar to automatically go to that RFC.

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