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This page is for the course ELEC3106 - Electronics and is based on the lectures of Torsten Lehman

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A basic understanding of circuit theory and heat flow is assumed throught this page. These topics are covered in ELEC1111, ELEC2134 and PHYS1231

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A simple application of an analogue to Ohm's law can be employed on a heat sink attached to a transistor. This is given by

$ T_j=P_D\cdot R_{\theta}+T_A $

where $ T_j $ is the maximum transistor junction temperature in units of degrees Celsius; $ P_D $ is the power dissipated in units of watts; $ R_{\theta} $ is the thermal resistance of the heat sink in units of degrees Celsius per watt; and $ T_A $ is the ambient temperature in units of degrees Celsius.

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It is recommended that the reader visits and reads the lecturers scribbles as an alternative source.

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